Grants for Native Americans

images-70There are various types of educational aid that can help you pursue college education, such as scholarships, grants, loans, and work study. While each of these financial aids offer specific benefits, it is relatively safe to declare that grants could be the best type of college funding.

Each year, the federal government sets aside millions of dollars in grant money to help thriving students pursue college education.

If you are a Native American and you’d like to attend school but just don’t have the necessary funding for it then you should know about grants.

If you belong to the native tribe and if your name is on the official roll, you can benefit from the federal grants to shoulder the costs of your education. To determine if you are a registered tribe member you should talk to your ancestral tribe, as individual tribes determine tribal membership.

Also, you may find it necessary to talk to your high school counselor to help you apply for the proper grants to finance your tuition. Typically, you need to be at least 1/8 Native American. Nevertheless, to make sure of your eligibility you may need to consult your tribe authorities.

There are different types of grants for Native Americans. Students who like to pursue degrees in medicine or education or in so called “traditionally underrepresented areas” can apply for school grants. The reason for these grants is to encourage Native Americans to join these specific fields in order for them to better serve their communities.

To be able to obtain free college funding, you need to talk to your school counselor for proper guidance. Likewise, it should be noted that these grants are given in a first come first serve basis; therefore you should apply for it at the earliest possible time. Make sure that you completely filled out the Federal Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) as honestly and as quickly as possible.

Apart from the school grants, Native Americans can also apply for several other types of grants that are particularly designed for the minority group. There are indeed several grants that can help you with your college education, and if you apply for as many forms as you can, then you have high chances of receiving the grant money.

As a side note, when you search for grants through the internet, it makes sense to type in the keyword “minority” rather than “Native American”. The former generates more essential results than the latter keyword.

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