Stay Connected with Your Teen through Text Messaging

Earlier this year, Samsung Mobile conducted a survey focused on family texting habits. The results of the survey claim that text messaging is improving relationships between parents and teens. Not only that, parents are learning something from their teens as a result of the use of text messaging to keep in touch with one another. So stay connected with your teen through text messaging. That’s key!

As a wired parent, I regularly use text messaging to quickly stay in touch and keep communication lines open with my text messaging guru teens… do you? One of the biggest challenges we face as parents of teens is communicating with them.

We want to be involved in their lives, be good listeners, and help with the many challenges that crop up in the middle and high school years. We want to do all of this while allowing our kids to grow and learn on their own without watching their every move.

As a parent, I strongly believe in allowing my kids to have opportunities to learn, grow, and mature as individuals, stepping in when situations call for it. I don’t track my kids with GPS enabled devices or hover over their every move, though I do keep tabs on them. Text messaging allows me to do just that – keep tabs on my teens while allowing them some freedom and separation.

As an added bonus, teens are more likely to open up when text messaging is in the picture. As indicated in Samsung’s survey, more open communications via texting is resulting in better relationships with parents. A short video on YouTube discusses the findings of the survey on how texting is opening up communication between parents and teens.

Text Messaging Advantage

  • Quick – once you get the hang of it, text messages can be composed in a matter of seconds (especially if your phone has T9 functionality, which allows for even easier texting via predictive text)
  • Readily Available –  most of today’s parents and teens are already carrying mobile phones, making texting a communication tool that is literally right at your fingertips
  • Convenience – when making an actual call is not optimal (in a restaurant, at work, in class, etc.), sending a text message can be a less intrusive, more respectable alternative
  • Teens Love It – this one’s obvious… you’ve seen them doing it, they’re good at it, and they’re likely to say more via a text than they may when talking

In your desire to become more of a modern parent text messaging with your teens is a big step. It’s quick, convenient, and opens up an additional avenue to connect with your teen. If you’re one of the parents that are not utilizing text messaging to connect with your kids, now’s the time to start. If you need help with shortcuts and text message meanings, ask your kids, or Google “text message shorthand” for websites with endless listings of text shorthand and meanings. BB4N! (bye bye for now)