How to Prepare for the GED Test for Parents

images-63The latest version of the GED test was rolled out in January 2014 and is entirely computer-based. The GED test contains four sub-tests on the fields of Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, and Literacy. This post is about how to prepare for the GED test for parents.

The GED is modular, meaning you can take the four sub-tests (modules) separately within a 2-year time frame. Writing skills are tested in all four subject areas but developing your writing skills is more crucial than ever before.

Writing Skills. To complete the GED test successfully, it is absolutely important that candidates perform well on the writing tasks. They will have to demonstrate their ability to read with understanding, to examine discussions, and to use information from principal texts.

In order to pass the GED exam, applicants must be able to create structured sentences, deal with details and main topics in their answers, and demonstrate competence of the normal rules of English grammar.


To be able to properly instruct and guide candidates for the 2014 Series of the GED examination, teachers should become familiar with some routines they really should put into practice right now, as they begin the process of designing instructional programs for the content, context, and cognitive requirements of the all-new and totally computer-based GED examination.

GED Testing Service has designed helpful resources to direct teachers in their search for information and facts related to the new GED examination. Two very useful resources they offer are the “Item Sampler” and the “Assessment Guide for Educators”:

– The Item Sampler is actually an interactive online instrument offering examples of the latest item types used in the four subject examinations. Teachers really should make it possible for test-takers to take advantage of this tool to develop their level of comfort through the testing technology.

– The Assessment Guides for Educators presents an understanding of the Assessment Targets that outline the cognitive requirements of the examination, and at the same time sharing the specifics of rating the new writing tasks.

OBJECTIVES of the GED Testing Service Resources

The most important learning targets for all those who are involved in GED preparation teaching must be:

1 – Becoming familiar with all of the similarities and dissimilarities between the requirements to successfully pass the current GED exam and the new, entirely computer-based 2014 GED examination. It is critical that GED preparation teachers are aware of all the implications for instruction.

2 – Acquiring and maintaining knowledge of which new educational material is required to properly prepare applicants for the 2014 GED test. This means teachers have to become aware of all new and relevant available material and the differences regarding all four subject areas.

3 – Learning significantly more about the new item types, and the cognitive competencies they are supposed to examine.

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