A Fundamental Guide to Music Sharing for Today’s Parents

download-35When was the last time one of your kids (or you, for that matter), bought a music CD? A month ago, six months ago, a couple years ago? Over the past couple of years, more and more of us are turning to digital music and away from CDs – a trend led by our youth. W

While the digital trend in music is definitely a convenient one, it can be tricky one for today’s parents to keep up with to make sure our kids aren’t doing anything illegal (does Limewire mean anything to you?).

The Good

Social media sites and paid-for music services like Itunes and Rhapsody are the safest options when it comes to sharing music online.

Sites like Imeem, Ilike, and Pandora are social networking sites (like Myspace) that allow users to upload music, create playlists, and interact with others in a music-centric setting. It’s free to sign-up and listen to other people’s playlists or uploaded music tracks – so as long as your teen is uploading and sharing music that’s paid for, they’re safe. Continue reading

How To Predict Your Child Career Potential

download-36Taking on an examination of your career potential might seems difficult especially when if your education path was not straightforward, coming back to school for your GED might be the alternative path but it doesn’t mean that your career potential is smaller.

In the late 1970’s, while studying executives impacted by the breakup of AT&T, Dr. Suzanne Kobasa developed the concept of “Stress Hardiness”. Predicting potential for future success is based on past performance and demonstrated skills.

I’ve adapted the three C’s of Kobasa [and added a fourth] to the specific issue of career examination as follows:

1. Commitment: People with a strong sense of commitment to their own selves, their families, their work or a personal cause. They believe in their self-worth. They want either to feel better about their current field of professional engagement or find other outlets that will suit them better.

2. Challenge: People who see life as a challenge welcome new situations and opportunities to grow and develop, rather than feeling fearful. They see opportunities not obstacles.

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How to Choose a Safe Web Browser?

images-69Chances are you’re sitting at a computer right now that’s running some version of Microsoft Windows, and you’re browsing the web with some version of the browser that’s included with Windows – Internet Explorer (IE).

At home (or if you’re at work now), you likely have a similar setup – a Windows PC (or two) with Internet Explorer as your web browser. Not me. As a wired parent of teenagers who spend plenty of time on the Internet, I setup Firefox as the default browser on all four of our home computers (and my work one) to help prevent all that nasty malware from rearing its ugly head.

Certain Web Activities Can Harm Your PC

If you’re a parent of a teenager, you know all too well that today’s teens are very web savvy. They spend all kinds of time connecting with each other on Myspace, watching videos on YouTube, or playing games online. Most of these online activities are harmless to your PC, as there is typically nothing malicious or harmful in most of the more popular online areas that teenagers venture to.

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What is FAFSA Application

download-37Financial aid can help students with significant need for money attend school and pursue education. There are many types of financial assistance available, but the first step always seems to be the filing of the Free Application for Federal Student Aid.

This form will determine one’s eligibility for school grants and other types of financial aid.

In order to benefit from the Federal Student Financial Aid, you must foremost fill out and file your FAFSA application.

Aside from checking your financial status, it will also determine the type of dependency you have. While most students seem to be dependents of their parents, adult, graduate or married students may be considered differently.

You can visit the FAFSA official website to determine your dependency status. Furthermore, you can seek guidance from the guidance counselor or the financial aid department of your chosen school.

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Grants for Native Americans

images-70There are various types of educational aid that can help you pursue college education, such as scholarships, grants, loans, and work study. While each of these financial aids offer specific benefits, it is relatively safe to declare that grants could be the best type of college funding.

Each year, the federal government sets aside millions of dollars in grant money to help thriving students pursue college education.

If you are a Native American and you’d like to attend school but just don’t have the necessary funding for it then you should know about grants.

If you belong to the native tribe and if your name is on the official roll, you can benefit from the federal grants to shoulder the costs of your education. To determine if you are a registered tribe member you should talk to your ancestral tribe, as individual tribes determine tribal membership.

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What You Should Know About Graduate Grants

images-71The cost of a four-year college education can mount as high as mortgage dues. Apparently, graduate school has never been cheap or free. Several government funded resources can really make a big difference when it comes to paying college fees.

However, nobody can benefit from any of these grants without learning the right techniques for writing the essays and filing of application.

Whether you choose to finish graduate school on-campus or online, it could be possible to apply for grants to cover all or part of your tuition expenses. It is worthwhile that students take their part seeking out for every possible option to benefit from grant rewards.

After all, grants never need to be paid back after students complete their studies unlike loans. Nonetheless, one must foremost comply with the standards that are outlined in the grant agreement.

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CCleaner to Help You Keeping your PC Running More Smoothly

download-38Have you ever noticed that the longer you have a PC the slower and less responsive it seems to get over time? Have you ever noticed that the more time your teenager spends on said PC the slowness and lack of responsiveness seems to exponentiate?

Did I just use the word “exponentiate”? Anyway, back on track here. There’s a wonderful, free program that I’ve been using on all of my PCs for years that helps alleviate the slowness that Windows seems to inevitably acquire over time – it’s called the Crap Cleaner.

Never before has there been a more appropriate name for a freeware PC utility than Crap Cleaner. Actually, Crap Cleaner is the former name of the utility, it’s currently known as CCleaner, but I like to still prefer to call it the Crap Cleaner because it does just that – cleans up all of the crap on your PC.

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What Every Parent Ought to Know About World of Warcraft

download-39World of Warcraft, commonly known as “WoW”, is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG). WoW is a fantasy themed role-playing game that requires hours upon hours of playing time to explore worlds, perform quests, interact with other players, and build your character. In-game rewards include money, reputation, and experience which lead to improved skill and power. Who wouldn’t want that?

According to Wikipedia, WoW is the currently the world’s largest MMORPG with around 10 million subscribers – 10 million! As you may have heard, WoW addiction is fairly prevalent. A quick Google search of “wow addiction” produces 960,000 results, including YouTube videos, self-helps sites, and CNN editorials on the topic.

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