Education into Uneducated Thought

The Presidents of some of the nation’s most prestigious colleges and universities have signed a petition put out by the Amethyst Initiative, which is sponsored by Citizens for Responsible Drinking Choices, which is run by far-left liberals out of Middlebury College in Vermont, who, no doubt, would like to see us back to the Greco-Roman days where we can all frolic through the streets naked singing poems back and forth (am I done? I think so, but to remind you of where we started… a petition) that calls for a national debate on lowering the drinking age to 18.

No, the Presidents of some of the nation’s most prestigious Colleges didn’t sign a petition that calls for a national debate on lowering marijuana use, so Mexican drug lords can stop kidnapping, beheading, and assassinating random and sometimes not so random Mexican citizens.

People think it’s all fine and dandy, “smoking pot doesn’t harm anybody,” well sure if your pot just happens to be grown by the Rednecks or adventurous illegal immigrants out back, but whether the pot is grown out back or in Mexico the money still travels to the same murderous drug lords. But the College presidents couldn’t be bothered to sign that petition.

They didn’t sign that petition which calls for a national debate on lower the amount of drunken drivers or a national debate on lowering the number of shooting deaths, or a national debate on lowering the national debt, or wasteful government spending, or high credit card debt. No, they didn’t sign any of those petitions.

They signed the petition that would do the opposite of all those things sane and good for the citizenry. Even lead actor Seth Rogan, of Pineapple Express the now infamous “pot-head” movie, stated on the Daily Show, in a matter-of-fact way, something to the effect, ‘maybe if I didn’t drink I wouldn’t have smoked pot, I mean that’s what got me started smoking – drinking… it’s a gateway drug,’ straight from the mouth of a [successful] pot-head, not from your local public service announcement.

Of course College Presidents, though, argue that binge drinking is so prevalent on campuses that it’s the younger-than-21 crowd go to dangerous lengths to get and consume alcohol. They may be right, but rewarding their binge drinking so they can drink moderately but as often as they like isn’t exactly solving the situation, it’s simply spreading it out over a couple of days.

What’s really going on here is that College Presidents don’t want to be left with having to enforce a specific rule on a certain portion of their campus, thereby alienating them from the “older” crowd. They seem to find that the best way to resolve the situation is to let kids drink in High School because you know they are so much more mature then.

However, if College Presidents really did earn that Doctorate (and let’s just assume you must have a Doctorate in something to be a College President) then they could come up with real solutions for underage and binge drinking. For example, parents teaching their kids to drink moderately and in small quantities would allow them to understand what it means to drink alcohol. Instead, kids today go to College learning that drinking 6 shots here a few beers there is the normal way to consume alcohol.

Even if that’s not what they “think” that is what they are accustomed too, and the idea is for them to embrace new customs. Parents and other “adults” also need to get a grip on what the law is. In California (the law is slightly different in each state): If a person is underage and drinking on private property it is legal.

If a person is underage and drinking with the consent of a parent, legal guardian, or legal-age spouse in any setting, whatsoever, it is legal. No ifs or buts about. Just keep in mind however that in California, your car is not private property, and the buying or selling of alcohol by a minor is still illegal.

Though that example/suggestion is not an end all, be all, for underage drinking.  There is obviously something else going on with youngsters that society is just not fundamentally understanding.

Take the British youth for example.  There’s a society that’s been drinking at a fairly young age, likely for centuries now.  Yet violence, teen pregnancy, drugs (pot on up), binge drinking, HIV, STDs, and basically all of hell in that little hand basket, has been rising over the last 10 to 20 years.

Enforcement is key, though, one thing American youth cite in their ability to harness such misadventures is the lack of public authority doing anything about their wayward expeditions. So, to College Presidents, knowing that you’re afraid of your younger students and don’t want to deal with their raucous forays into so-called College life, suck it up.

Beef up police and local city patrols on campus, institute foot patrols, not only through campus and the dorms, but through the dorm halls as well, institute administrative probation for underage drinking on campus or hosting a party on campus where alcohol is served to minors, and develop a system that makes use of and protects spies and informants who not only operate in the residence halls but in the Greek halls as well.  Toughen up and show the leadership your title, as President, demands.