CCleaner to Help You Keeping your PC Running More Smoothly

download-38Have you ever noticed that the longer you have a PC the slower and less responsive it seems to get over time? Have you ever noticed that the more time your teenager spends on said PC the slowness and lack of responsiveness seems to exponentiate?

Did I just use the word “exponentiate”? Anyway, back on track here. There’s a wonderful, free program that I’ve been using on all of my PCs for years that helps alleviate the slowness that Windows seems to inevitably acquire over time – it’s called the Crap Cleaner.

Never before has there been a more appropriate name for a freeware PC utility than Crap Cleaner. Actually, Crap Cleaner is the former name of the utility, it’s currently known as CCleaner, but I like to still prefer to call it the Crap Cleaner because it does just that – cleans up all of the crap on your PC.

PCs Slow Down – That’s a fact

Over time, normal day to day activities taking place on your Windows PC results in temporary files, cookies, and lots of other unnecessary files taking up space on your PC.

These extraneous files come from the installation of programs, surfing the web, and other seemingly harmless tasks we use our PCs for. The long and short of it is that your PC can benefit from these files not hanging around, and the Crap Cleaner does a wonderful job of cleaning them up for you.

Crap Cleaner to the Rescue

The CrapCleaner includes options to selectively choose the files you want to permanently remove, including:

  • Temporary internet files and cookies for both Firefox and Internet Explorer
  • Windows temporary files
  • Windows log files
  • Windows memory dumps after crashes
  • Recycle bin
  • Recent documents (on the Start Menu)

Additional Features

As an added bonus, the Crap Cleaner includes separate functionality to clean up the Windows Registry. Without going into all of the techie details of what the Windows Registry is, think of it as basically a file system that essentially all components of a PC use (Windows, installed programs, hardware) to store nearly all settings and options. It’s a vital part of all Windows PCs. A clean registry means a cleaner, more efficient PC.

Additionally, the Crap Cleaner allows you to use the functionality of the “Add/Remove Programs” option in Windows from right within the application. This is very useful when removing some expired demo of a cool game your teen may have used at some point, or just about any other program installed on your PC.

Finally, the Crap Cleaner lets you easily control the programs that run on start-up. As you may or may not know, applications like AOL Instant Messenger like to automatically set themselves up to run when you boot up your PC. This can be handy, but it can also become cumbersome and mean a sssslllloooowwww start-up when many programs are trying to all start-up when you boot your PC.

Can You Live Without the Crap Too?

With a laptop and several desktop PCs in our house all getting there fair share of work by my wife and I and our teenage boys, the Crap Cleaner has proven to be an invaluable tool in keeping all of them running smoothly for quite some time now. I have it installed on all of our PCs and routinely use it to clean up the crap. It contains all of the previously mentioned functionality for the attractive price of FREE and is completely adware and spyware free!

This may sound corny, but I seriously couldn’t imagine what state any of our PCs, especially the older ones, would be in without this invaluable utility.