College Scholarships for African Americans

It is not so long ago that obtaining a top academic education was only a faraway dream for most African Americans. For these students, getting hold of well-paying employment and experiencing some of the greater things in their lives existed only in their wildest imagination. So let’s take a closer look at college scholarships for African Americans.

Over the last decades, all this has fortunately changed. Nowadays you can find scholarships available to African Americans not only offered by the federal government, but also via companies and corporations, and through public and private sectors as well. A great example is the Hilton GED Assistance Program, learn more here.

Numerous philanthropic institutions these days have scholarship grants meant for minority groups, especially African Americans. These great scholarship grants offer many African Americans all through the country the possibility to obtain the education and learning they are worthy of.

Today, numerous students can acquire financial support during every year that they are attending college. When you want to be in that specific group, be aware that there are specific requirements you need to meet and adhere to. For instance, grades and scores will definitely help students in qualifying for a scholarship program.

When students apply for a scholarship, the most critical document that the school or the granting organization need to receive is their report card.

There are many grants and scholarships that are provided by various sponsors and the application process is less difficult than for academic scholarships that are determined by grade averages. Furthermore, you can find also many African American scholarships which are not based on good academic standing, for example, sports scholarships.

Scholarship grants for African American students are very popular as a result of the growing population all over the country, and you can find increasingly more students of African American origin who want to seize the opportunity of obtaining a quality education and a better future.

This phenomenon has triggered the requirement for many educational institutions to develop scholarship programs specifically for African Americans. You will find also several industries in which other minority groups are dominant, and to get the opportunities balanced, you can see more sponsors offering grants and scholarships for African Americans.

One of the most significant American organizations offering grants and scholarships to African Americans only is the United Negro College Fund. They help and support their students by preparing them for their future employment and high paying jobs. But there are many more scholarships and grants for African American students.

A few examples of these scholarships are the Malcolm X Scholarship for Exceptional Courage, The Sallie Mae Fund, and the Ron Brown Scholar Program.

Then there are programs called Merit Scholarships, where students can make an application to have all their college costs covered. Right now, Scholarship Zone is featuring a free $10,000 scholarship drawing. You need to be no less than 18 years of age and a U.S. citizen if you would like to sign up for the drawing. You only need to enter into the drawing and complete the registration form that you can find on their website.

One more example, Coe College offers a writing scholarship worth $1,000 for eligible students who chose writing for their professional career. To apply, students need to submit a portfolio containing their finest essays, poetry and non-fiction work.

You can find thousands of scholarships and grants readily available for African American students. They can be academic, sports or specialized scholarships for example for students in biology, socioeconomic, Fine Arts, Science, and many different subjects.

If you want more information about exactly how and what kind of scholarships are available, and what exactly the requirements are, go to